NANOWRIMO? I Don't Think So!

Well, we're staring down another week of NaNoWriMo, and another strange sighting of Angela. Like you, I've been exposed to some weird stuff this November, but I have to say, this really does take the cake. This week's picture and letter comes from J.H. Bográn at The Tale Weaver Blog. He happened to spot Angela...I think it's better if you read about it in his own words. 

Angela still insists she's writing her Nano novel, by the way. I want to believe her, I do. But as each week passes, it grows more difficult to view her as anything but a NaNoWriMo fraud. Please read on for more on this week's "Angela Sighting"... 

 Is it a Bug’s life?

 Well, here I am, thinking that dear old Angela has gotten bitten by a bug. Not the lovebug like the one from that Jonas Brother’s song, but one more in tune with us writers. You know, a writing bug.

 So, around mid October we hear she’s getting all ready to submerge for thirty days and embrace her itch. We stay away to give her enough room. We content with perusing her blog, knowing that Becca will take care of it.

 But then…or should I write, but then! First we hear this funny report about how she’s dancing her way into the heart of a publisher, or agent, or whathaveyou. Personally, I dismissed as Angela doing her homework. Research is an important part of a writer’s life, right?

Then a second report comes in, that Angela’s is actively seeking to bring Elvis back! A good cause, I’m sure. Heck, I have more than one album from The King. Regardless of the cause, I wasn’t buying because I know the somewhat outer limits writers have gone in the name of research.

 Last week I learned Angela had modified her diet. She’s into eating brains now. Good for her. Brains are high on protein. The question arose again, but I held firm. I chose to believe Angela was doing NaNoWriMo instead of these so-called sightings. I chose to think those people who claimed to have seen Angela were flukes, weirdos, people who had confused Angela for somebody else. I dismissed them as quick as I dismiss the UFO sighting reports.

That changed this week. Something’s bugging me. I came across this picture:

Original by Ed Schipul @ Wikimedia Commons
I am still not sure what the deal is. It looks like a stage adaptation of Disney’s A Bug’s Life or maybe Starship Troopers. Are we to understand that Angela’s bug was in fact an acting bug and not a writing one?

Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with Angela these days. It feels like we´re playing “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.” Except the frustrating part that she should be home, writing. So Becca, I’m counting on you to give Angela a little message for me: Bug off, Angela!

 So there you have it, folks. Is it official? Has Angela gone a little buggy? Or could there be some logical explanation for her sudden love for gold spandex? If you need more details on this latest encounter, you can usually find J. H. on Twitter or Facebook. And as always, I would love your thoughts on this, so please TAKE THE POLL...

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our American visitors! Enjoy the day!


J. H. Bográn said...

Still, I must say a bug costume becomes her. :-)

Donna K. Weaver said...

This is awesome. And good luck, whatever she's busy with. lol

Happy Thanksgiving.

Susanne Drazic said...

I'm sure Angela will straighten out all of these rumors once NaNo is over. : )

Happy Thanksgiving!

Angela Ackerman said...

I've been framed, I swear!!

Teresa Robeson said...

These "Where's Angela?" NaNoWriMo blog posts are hilarious! I'm going to miss them next month. ;) You realize that if I were doing NaNo this year, I'd not have time to enjoy these posts? LOL!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I hope Angela is having great success on her NaNo project. I didn't join in this year, as I'm hoping to finish revisions on my historical fiction mg. I'm about half way through. I still think I can do it. :)

Karen Lange said...

Angela bringing Elvis back? Well, if anyone can accomplish this task, she can, I'm thinking. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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