Embrace the Weird: The Amazing Two Hour Contest!

Okay, sometimes something so weird happens that it requires a response. Today is such a day.

It all started after I got home from shaking my fat at the gym and I decided to take a quick look at blogger's stat page. 

As always, my gaze drifted down to the search terms that brought people to my blog. I enjoy looking through these, because every once in a while I see something that sparks a story idea or characterization component.

Today, there was the usual: Description of a Forest, Emotion Thesaurus, my name...and then I found this:

breezes of bile chicken poop and urine passed by me janice

*blinks* Says what?

I read it again, wondering if maybe I should have eaten breakfast before going to the gym, but no, it remains the same.

Imagine me (ME!) sitting in shocked silence. I do a mental scroll of posts. Breezes of Bile? Bird Poop? Urine passing me by? Nope, pretty sure I didn't post these things. And why in the name of Zombies is someone looking for this word string in google?

I have no answers, people. It might very well remain one of Life's Little Mysteries.

So, rather than walk about in a stupor for the rest of the day wondering how this search string led to The Bookshelf Muse, I choose to embrace and celebrate it! Because let's face it, they were looking for bile breezes and bird poop, and instead they found this place and have become one of our valued Muser Visitors, the bestest folks in the world!

And how do we usually celebrate here at The Bookshelf Muse?


How to enter:

Embrace the weird! Post in the comments the strangest search string you've found in any of your stats, OR, post the strangest thing you've ever searched for in Google.

3 Musers will win a 1st page crit by me (Becca's enjoying a 13 hour road trip with her kids (both under age 3) and is probably a little too twitchy-eyed to critique.)

You have two hours--let's see what you've got!
. Keep it family friendly tho, yes? READY, SET, GO!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. I'll announce winners ASAP--thanks for embracing the WEIRD!


Angela Felsted said...

Weirdest search that sent someone to my blog: "Tuct tape man Tanja Selia"

Pk Hrezo said...

"The inner child as it relates to the Grinch"

lol! That's from my blog. Yours is hilarious. What a hoot!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Boo, I don't have any weird search keywords for my blog. But I TOTALLY have the sexiest: Captain Wentworth


Haha, I would LOVE to know if that person eventually found what he/she was looking for!

Elouise82 said...

I JUST a couple minutes ago received the oddest search term my blog has gotten yet - "napkin squish spider." Um ... say what? I think I've mentioned squishing a spider ONCE in all the time I've been blogging. How did this find me?

Not as bizarre as yours, sadly, but still amusing to me!

Kelly Metz said...

Wow, that's pretty strange. Not sure I could compete with that. And amongst writers, I doubt my strangest searches will stand out, but I've been searching a lot regarding funeral rites, dead bodies, autopsies, demon summoning, satan worshiping and body disposal. Hmm, on second thought, maybe I shouldn't admit to those publicly or I'll find myself on the Don't Fly list! Ha!

I love your blog BTW. Has really helped!

Girl Friday said...

I found 'solid waste removal post comment'... ewww. I don't even WANT to know what that was about. (And no, there's nothing about anything like that on my blog!)

My favourite though is probably 'and motivations' - they clearly weren't motivated to search for anything more precise :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

The weirdest I've got is:

cool/funny phrases used in "perfect chemistry" novel.

But when I google it, my blog centainly doesn't show up on the first few pages. Boy, how long was this person looking before getting to my blog? :P

Kelly said...

That's crazy!
I think my strangest search that brought someone to my blog was "addicted to blood" because it came from the Mayo Clinic. Weird!
And now I swear I have 100 "crying" searches for every other word that brings 'em to my blog. I have a happy blog! :)
Fun contest, Angela!

Lynn Dean said...

Nothing nearly so bizarre as yours. The strangest search that showed up for my NOVELWritingSite was "dinosaur egg." That's only strange in relation to the site topic (I used a picture of a dinosaur egg in one YA writing prompt)...or when I noticed that 4 unique searches for "dinosaur egg" ended up on my site. Bet they were surprised!

Holly Ruggiero said...

I've got nothing. I just looked and it's all normal. But that such is an interesting one you got.

Stephanie Blake said...

How is this for weird? I don't have a stat page thingy.

But I have searched for "where does Justin Bieber get his clothes?"

Emy Shin said...

Most of the search terms that sent people to my site are depressingly boring, but I did get one that says: "and i want to be done" -- what do they want to be done with, I wonder?

Tara Tyler said...

Ever enter a Janet Reid quick prompt contest? Sometimes she tells you to find a connection between the words. Here is a list that I searched and others searched, ending up at my blog.

"paris kids cullen loathing temple"

Nicole Zoltack said...

weirdest search that sent someone to my blog by far - infotmatika fletes punuse

??? what the heck??? Have absolutely no idea.

Charlie Pulsipher said...

"really stinky skunk fun" Yes, I blog about skunks...but why is someone searching for this?

Elizabeth Poole said...

I too LOVE your blog so very much. I probably have about half of the entire thing pasted into Word and saved in a Bookshelf Muse folder on my external hard drive. ;)

The weird search term for my blog is: outline is it true cannibal cantaloupe with sinus infections in Alabama are found?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. There's something about the alliteration of "Cannibal cantaloupe" that makes me smile, but with a sinus infection? In Alabama? With the word "outline" thrown in there? I have scratched my head about this inquiry for months and I can't figure out if this is a really awesome book idea, or the end of the world we know it.

And whether or not they found my blog helpful in their quest for cannibal cantaloupe, sinus infection notwithstanding.

sharonj said...

I'm pretty new at the blogging scene, so could someone please tell me where to look for the "blogger's stat page"...

I've searched for vampires in Google and actually found some sites where the "people" claim to be real vamps!!


Bluestocking said...

"coffee machine india" I think this was after I posted about Coffee Shop Etiquette. Most everything else has been pretty normal. But bird droppings... that's just bizarre.

Patti said...

Nothing weird for me either. Too bad, they all sound very entertaining.

Ann Finkelstein said...

I found "where's walrus stephen savage" in my list.

Jess said...

The weirdest searches to pop up on my TV blog's stats have to be "3 witch hoes" and "bite kill tv man congress amendment."

Both likely had something to do with True Blood.

A lot of people search for "sookie lesbian," too.

Alicia Gregoire said...

That's got to be the strangest search string ever.

So far my favoritest one is "slice of the blog pie the movie." That's right my blog is now a movie.

Deb said...

"sexy toe rings" brought someone to my site. Why? Hosted an interview with Helene Bourdreau who wrote Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings!

And I shall not speak of where a friend of mine's search string to help her six year old do some research led them. Okay, I will share-the search string

Wild Wetlands National Geographic. And yeah, the site was NOT the National Geographic she was looking for, lol!!! That boy had a pair a mama hands slapped over his eyes pretty quick. Lesson learned.

Sara Thompson said...

I didn't even know you could find out what search words led someone to your blog. I am sure I have searched some weird things but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

http://writingunderpressure.wordpress.com said...

"ez buckle up exex's"...for those who just don't want to let go?

That doesn't beat yours, though, lordy.

Jami Gold said...

This one is weird, but I deserve it because I *do* have a have a post that addresses this issue. :)
"muse pervert shower writer"

Janet Johnson said...

I love checking these. :) Here is one that I thought was funny.

what are the two squiggly lines on my license plate.

and then

too many compliments sound fake.

Charles said...

I've got a good one from my blog:

Belly Button fuzz removal spectacles testicles

Don't. Ask. Me. Why!!!

I read over all of my posts and comments for days, I know I never had anything about testicles...

Cheri LaClaire said...

What ever happened to Paige Davis. A lot of people are wondering...

Carol Riggs said...

I rarely check my own stats and stuff. But argh!!!!--that photo of the feet. Nightmares. LOL

Karen Lange said...

That is rather strange, my goodness! But what a great idea that it generated. You're so clever. (Don't get the big head.)
Happy Wednesday,

Julie Musil said...

OMG that is hilarious! And what a fun idea to embrace it. I've never noticed that part of the stats page. I have checked out the links that says people clicked from, and they're usually adult web sites. What's up with that? Lots of fun, guys.


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