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In my recent contest, I asked entrants to supply the link to other blogs they couldn't live without. So many fabulous blogs were mentioned, I decided to collect them here in one post for easy reference. I will make a permanent link to this post in my sidebar as well!

Agents & Industry

Rachelle Gardner's Rants & Ramblings
Nathan Bransford
Mandy Hubbard
BookEnds LLC
FinePrint Blog
Janet Reid
Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Pub Rants
Guide to Literary Agents
The Intern
Editorial Anonymous
The Rejecter
The Blood Red Pencil
Pimp My Novel
Writer Unboxed

Query and MS Tuneage

Query Shark
Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips
Query Tracker Blog
Public Query Slushpile
The Book Doctor
Plot to Punctuation
Darcy Pattison
Miss Snark's First Victim
Your First Page

Writers, Authors & Writing

Adventures in Children's Publishing
YA Highway
Kiersten Writes
Jody Hedlund
Shrinking Violets
Anita Nolan
Market My Words
Elana Johnson
Grab a Pen
We Love YA
Margie Lawson
Spilling Ink
Sisters in Scribe
Hey Teenager
Cornell Deville
Angels and Demons and Portals. Oh My.
Word Play
The Bluestocking Blog
Literary Rambles
Candace's Book Blog
La Femme Readers
Mystery Writing is Murder
Writers' Alley
Romance University
Super Mom Writes
The Deadline Dames
Beth Revis
Neil Gaiman
Laini Taylor
No Letters on My Keyboard
Words From the Woods
Falen Formulates Fiction
Fiction Groupie
Mark of the Stars
From the Mixed Up Files
Through the Toolbooth
Writer Jenn
Elizabeth Craig's Twitter
Writing for Children
The Graveyard Shift
Shooting Stars
Mary DeMuth
Between Fact and Fiction
Limyaael's Rants
Southern Princess
Cat Woods
Daily Pep For Writers
Laurel's Leaves
Weronika Janczuk
Shannon O'Donnell
Jill Kemerer
Let the Words Flow
Practicing Writing
A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing
Sara Merrick

Live, Write, Thrive
Writing Straight

I'm happy to say most of these blogs I already follow in some way or another, and those I didn't know about I'll be adding to various subscription lists! Thanks everyone for sharing the places and people that help you on this journey.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Yay, I follow a lot of those blogs, but there are still a ton more I don't follow . . . yet.

Now if only I had time to read them all. ;)

Kristi Helvig said...

Thanks for this great reference list -- and for including our blog on it! :)

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Yay, I'm with Stina on following a lot of these blogs already. I can't wait to check out the ones I haven't see yet.

Terri said...

Angela, this is such a valuable resource. I hope you don't mind -- I copied it to myblog. Gave you and your contributers full credit, of course. Let me know if you'd rather I took it down!

Ruth Donnelly said...

Wow, what a great list! I'm looking forward to exploring the one I don't already follow--and I'm honored that my blog is included!

Renae said...

Wow! What a great list. Thanks for posting it!

Jaleh D said...

I guess I forgot to wave a hand for TalkToYoUniverse and The Other Side of the Story. Those are two I follow the closest with great stuff on writing and worldbuilding.

Lisa K. said...

Excellent! I can't wait to start checking out some of these blogs. I guess I'll have to just bookmark this post and come back a time or two (or three). Thanks for a great contest and an excellent resource.

Karen Lange said...

Thank you for this list. Will be checking these out, or at least the ones I didn't know of.
Happy weekend,

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Great links, Angela! Thanks!

Deb Salisbury said...

Great list! Thanks!

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Awesome list! Thanks sooo much for including Sisters in Scribe!

Eli Ross, Writer said...

I'm with Stina on this one. An incredibly useful list, but when to read them all? There goes another hour of sleep each night!

Deb said...

Angela, you ROCK! Thanks for putting this list together.

Roni @ FictionGroupie said...

Thanks for the list! This is a great reference. :)

Lee Lofland said...

Thanks for including The Graveyard Shift in such a wonderful list. Also, I hope everyone has a chance to visit the Writers' Police Academy site. We still have openings for the September event!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Thanks so much for the mentions...and all the links. :)

averyoslo said...

Great list! *BOOKMARKED*

April said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the list. I follow some of those...but man, what a list! I don't have time to follow all of those. If I did, I'd never be writing, and we cannot have that because I WILL be published one day...Thanks though. I'm sure this list will come in very handy in the future. I think I'll add a link on my blog's sidebar to this post for easier access. Thanks again! It takes time to link to all those blogs!

Angela Ackerman said...

Glad this list helps!

And yes Terri, go ahead and post it. Sorry it took me so long to reply--my blog comments are having technical difficulties right now.

Lydia Sharp said...

Awesome list! Thanks. :)

Holly Dodson said...

Wow, thanks for the list! And thanks for linking to my blog!

Jessica Brown said...

An awesome list! Must check out those I don't follow yet. Thanks for including me!

Laura Pauling said...

What a great list!

A Pen In Neverland: Angela Peña Dahle said...

Wow. I was surprised to find that I already follow most of these too! I love that you compiled them together for us. This is exactly what I wish I had when I started out years ago! I try to post links to the ones I find the most useful and hope that mine is just as useful. Only now am I figuring out how important blogging is, especially for resources and suppport! The next thing to tackle is the actuality of begin published.

KLM said...

Wait a minute. I've read thru this list six times and... Huh? Strange. Where's MY blog, Angela? Everyone knows that my blog is like the north star -- it's the blog by which sailors guide their literary ships!!!!

Well, OK. Maybe not.

I'll grudgingly admit that this is a really good list and your blog is really helpful for thems that try to string words together in meaningful ways and blah, blah, blah.

There. I said it. Happy now?


Angela Ackerman said...

KLM, you know I love A ROCK IN MY POCKET! *hugs blog*

Vicki Rocho said...

Wow, I'm surprised at how many of these are already on my list. Will have to star this post so I can come back and investigate the *other* links when I have more time.


Zoe @ No Letters On My Keyboard said...

Thanks for pulling these together - and thanks SO much for including my blog!!

Wendy Marcus said...

Thanks for putting them all in one place, Angela!

GutsyWriter said...

You really are creative and organized. Thanks for all the help you give us. I did not see this link: Also very helpful.

Heather said...

What a fantastic list! I can't wait until I have an afternoon by myself and can go check all these out!

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, crap. This list is going to be like crack for me! I don't recognize all the blogs -- ahhhhh!

Thank you for organizing this.

Julie Musil said...

Such a great list. And thanks for setting it up on the side. That will make things easier! You're the best.

Julie Musil said...

Angela, because you're awesome, I have a little something for you at my blog.

Callie Forester said...

Wow. Thanks for the great blog list! I follow some of these but hadn't heard of others--this is a great reference.

I wonder if it would be rude to tell you about my site? As far as I know we're the only one that offers free beta reading (no need to critique in return) from three different staff members-so you are certain to get a really thorough critique.

There's no catch, we just all wanted to do something for the writing community and feel that doing crit's also helps improve our own writing. It's been hard to get the word out though, cause we've only been up for a few months and don't have a follow button. I thought if you found our site worthwhile you might mention it?

Anyway, I really hope that wasn't rude to ask! Not quite sure of the protocols on things like this. If it was rude, I definitely apologize. I LOVE your site and couldn't write my book without it! You truly amaze me!!

Thanks again for the excellent list!! Have a great week. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Good morning, Angela! It's Wed. and I have an award for you today! :-)

Amy Holder said...

This list is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the links!

Vanessa Di Gregorio said...

Great list! And thanks so much for including Let The Words Flow :D

Agency Gatekeeper said...

Thank you for the shout out, Angela. :)

Marcia said...

Thanks for the great list. The range of resources on the web is so excellent!

anitanolan said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm going to check out those on the list I wasn't aware of.

anita nolan

Erika D. said...

Thanks so much for including Practicing Writing. Delighted to find us in such excellent company.

jasouders said...

Thanks so much for including Angels, Demons and Portals to your list! I'll be adding the blogs I've missed to my list. :D

catwoods said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful list. A sense of community and awesome info is a must in this business.

Also, I greatly appreciate being on your list! Gives me warm fuzzies.

Hugs~ Cat


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