What's Your April Fool? CONTEST

Hi folks! I hope everyone is busy pranking away on this fabulous day. I'm taking a mini blog break and getting out of dodge with the family for a few days, so I thought I'd leave a contest for you while I'm away to encourage you to pull an April Fools prank if you haven't already done so.


Post in the comments about a prank you pulled today.


The prank has to be real, and you are the mastermind who pulled it off. Not something you wish you'd done, not something that Sally in the next cubicle over pulled on her half-second-cousin twice removed, and you overheard because you were eavesdropping on her juicy phone call instead of working. It has to be all you, baby.


An in depth shreddage critique of your first 1000 words of your current MS by random drawing. :)

Well? Get pranking people! Contest winner will be announced Monday!


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Okay, I'm not entering the contest--although I love a good shredding--but I stopped by to say I linked you in a post about a past contest of yours. And that is no fool's joke, either.
Good luck to the entrants in this one!

Sarah Templeton said...

I got cracking early this morning on AFD, starting with an update for my weekend hiking progress on my blog. Then, once I got to work, I passed the word that a major project required overtime so we weren't going to get Friday off (our company has Good Friday off). To which I say..."Bazinga!"

In the spirit of feeding the online prank fire, I also got a few gullible people to Topeka some research--and convinced one coffee-lacking coworker zombie that an artifact came through the field which opened with the Hadron Collider...

I fully expect my afternoon to be full of retribution--and I'm really glad I have the day off tomorrow! :D

Kay said...

Been sending nasty birthday cards to my brother ... for two months, but stopped so he won't get one today, his birthday.

Tawna Fenske said...

Well, I accidentally pranked my dogs by telling them it was time for breakfast and then getting distracted and forgetting to feed them for another hour. Doesn't count, huh? Dammit.


Sarah Dooley said...

What a fun contest! Okay, I teach elementary school and I'm kinda square. So my prank wasn't too big, because my kids are already out for blood with spring break beginning tomorrow, and I didn't want to encourage them to Think Big where April Fool's Day was concerned. All I did was change our "Classroom Helpers" schedule from student names to the names of all the characters we've read about this year (it's Junie B.'s helper day today), and tampered with the calendar center to indicate that today is April 12 -- the day we come BACK from spring break.

I can't wait to hear everyone else's pranks!

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Well, I really wish I was more clever and original so I could brag about it here. Sadly, the lame joke I pulled on my man this morning was telling him we had no water again. It got him out of bed.
But I'm so pumped about your contest!

Kirsten Lesko said...

This is fun! I embedded an excerpt from "How Not to Write a Novel" into my manuscript & submitted it to my critique group as if it was really my writing. The section came from the chapter "The Unruly Zit: When the author has read too much Bukowski" & included lines like, "a noxious odor escaped through his dark yellow teeth, making Missy cringe, feeling an acrid taste of pre-vomit in the gluey membranes of her throat."

You should have seen the comments from my group. SO FUNNY! They tried to be so nice in telling me that my chapter was absolutely disgusting.

@ Kay - Love the birthday card trick. That's what he gets for being born on April 1. LOL!

Mary Witzl said...

YAY -- I pulled off two and a half today, do I get extra chances? :o)

1) Told my daughter the cat had gotten out of her room and 'laid an egg' on the couch, to hurry up and clean it up. She fell for it and this is the FOURTH TIME in six years she's done that!

2) With a colleague, wrote on the whiteboard: "Will all teachers please give 75 Turkish lira to the secretary for a special teachers' lunch?" (75 lira is a huge amount and everybody's burned out from the last time we paid too much for a teachers' lunch). Everybody fell for it. Boy, were they grateful it wasn't for real.

3) Told my students we were having a pop quiz. They were stunned. I dictated the first question, "What is today's date?" Then I told them to answer the question. The looks of dawning comprehension were just priceless and they all loved me because we weren't having a pop quiz.

Sigh...(wiping a happy tear from my eye)

Liana Brooks said...

Nothing fun today, but a few years ago when I worked in a lab.... well, stool specimens, jello, and chocolate syrup were involved. %-) Good times.

Tulafel said...

My teenage daughter came home to find no handles on her dresser drawers.

Cheryl said...

I'm a member of an online creative writing forum and I wrote a wacky mini-series that I posted in short (1,000 words) installments throughout February and March. My goal was to keep everyone in stitches, and like a good soap opera, keep them begging for more.

Week or so ago, I started hinting that the grand finale was approaching. I posted super short (150 words) installments each night, building the tension to an unbearable pitch, and promised the finale would be posted sometime on Thursday. I deliberately left the calendar date out, hoping most people wouldn't make the connection.

I wrote two endings to my mini-series: one with the happy, wrap-up all the questions, hero gets his girl flourish, and one with an outcome so horrid, cruel, and ludicrous that even I shuddered at my twisted and depraved mind's working.

Shortly after midnight I posted the fake ending then went to sleep. I awoke to several, "Um, that's *interesting*" comments and a few, "Oh my god, I nearly threw my laptop out the window the ending is so awful!" In addition, a fellow forum member launched a campaign to create a day of mourning for the atrocious ending to the story.

I felt guilty, so roughly ten hours after posting the joke, I let everyone in on the secret and added the real ending. Sighs of relief were heard across the board; but I am wearing a helmet and plastic raincoat in self-defence (I'm also giggling with glee, because it was too much fun).

Tara McClendon said...

I'm in a no-prank home. Not that we don't have a sense of humor, but some jokes have gone over board, especially when certain family memebers get involved. It's a real bummer because I'd love to enter. As for favorite prank, I like the simple approach of placing a rubber band around the sink spray nozzle.

Ann Marie Wraight said...

It's truly AMAZING what you can do with a freshly peeled onion...

After cleaning one of the above-mentioned pongy - tear jerkers...I had drops simply oozing from my bloodshot red eyes... I went and announced to my 'three men' that my laptop had crashed and I'd just found my backup flash-drive in the washing machine ...wet and ruined in my jeans pocket!!!

1) Matthew aged 8 started to cry and said..."Mummy, does that mean your WHOLE book is lost now?" He then gave me his own humungous Easter Egg to comfort me...awww
2) Georgos aged 40+ started to give me the most amazing neck rub to calm me down...heaven...sigh
3) Peter aged 10 said, "well you have to admit Mummy it was a load of old RUBBISH

Well, not only was I crushed with his whip-like answer, I have honked of onion all day...even my adorable cat won't come near me...sniff


Ann Marie Wraight said...

Hi! About 15 mins ago I spent ages writng my about my April Fool joke....but I can't find it now...sob...I'm a two-fingered typist and it took me so long to write...
Is it maybe an April Fool's joke on me?...sob

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I'm not good at pranks. One year I got y mom by calling her and telling her the roof had a big leak in it (it was raining horribly that morning) but as soon as she gasped I told her I was kidding.

I suck at April Fools Day, so I declared it "Look at MY BED Day" on my blog (special vlog for the holiday ;)

dyockman said...

DH called it lame, but I told him the $$ store now takes Amex. It doesn't. I wanted to tell him the medical bill we just got cleared had come back, but was scared he would throttle me when I fessed up. So I went lame. Oh well. LOL!

dayner said...

I posted on my blog that I was giving up writing due to my lack of talent.
Then I wiped all my pages and removed all my widgets so my blog looked nearly blank.

Here is a link to the post

Once all my friends were fully hooked and posting pleas to get me back
Here's one: http://darksculptures.wordpress.com/2010/04/02/a-simple-thing-may-change-a-world/

Then I post a big Happy April Fools Day! greeting on my blog.

See here:

Thankfully they're all good sports.
It was fun and made a nice end to the week.

Jessica said...

Okay, this wasn't done on April 1, so maybe it doesn't count.

One of my co-workers left for two weeks to get married. When he came back every item in his office was wrapped in aluminum foil. Everything. Desk, chair, computer, mouse, keyboard, disks, markers, pens, shelves, the contents of his desk drawers, every power strip and extension cord, the garbage can, his blinds, mini fridge, every empty box and piece of paper, even his office door. Yeah, we spent the ENTIRE two weeks working on it. Got pictures, it was awesome. We also wrapped a wedding gift for him in aluminum foil.

Roy Buchanan said...

No prank to launch, Angela, just dropped by to get the link for an email. I love the picture, it fits your lovely sense of humour. Well done.

Keep up the good work. :)

FantasticFiction said...

Here is the prank I pulled. When my friend and I were in the mall (His name is Don) I posted a sticky note on his back saying "hug me!". It was hilarious because people started to give him hugs. He didn't really get what was going on until the note fell off. Happy April Fools!


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