Color Thesaurus Entry: Gold

Real World Comparisons:

Jewelry (wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, chain necklaces, watches, etc)
1st place medal or trophy
Bullion, gold coin, doubloon, sovereigns, etc
Nuggets, bars
Chocolate bar wrappers (Cara milk, etc)
Brass doorknobs, bells, handles
Champagne foil
Foil wrapped hearts/eggs (Easter/Valentine's Day)
Buckles, buttons, zippers
Pirate treasure
King/queen's crown
Christmas tree star
Gilded armour, clothing
Animal eyes (cats, eagles, etc)
Goldenrod flowers
Fantail gold fish
Gold fillings/teeth
High end pens
Embossed diplomas/degrees
Embossed business cards, personalized day planners/business materials, etc
Make up dust
Perfume bottle tops
Canadian Loonie
Gold thread/wire
Gold Leaf
Headlights/illuminated porch lights, street lights, etc

Shades of Gold:

Golden, gold hue, amber, gilt, gilded, hazel, honeyed,

Make every detail count

Colors are powerful descriptors, not fillers. Make sure that if you use a comparison or contrast to highlight a color, you choose the right one. Look at the setting and atmosphere you are working to create, then draw from the viewpoint character or narrator's history, education and past experiences to find the right fit.

A poor example:

In the sunshine, golden highlights flecked her hair in honeyed ribbons.

What's wrong with this example?

We've got conflicting descriptors--are the highlights flecks, or ribbons? Be concise. Plus, all these descriptors take this close to purple prose territory.

A strong example:

Sunlight transformed her hair into spun gold.

Why is this example better?

It's clearer and has better word economy. Most times hair is something to give a sound bite on to get an image across before moving onto other detail about the character. You don't need to go overboard describing it.

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