Setting Thesaurus entry: Night club


Strobe lights, colored lights, speakers, a stage, bars with bar stools, small round tables with stools, washrooms, waitresses dressed skimpily with glowing trays of drinks or shooters or empty bottles/glasses, shots lined up at the bar, bartenders, bottles of booze lined up behind the bar, lemon and lime wedges, multi colored straws, empty beer cans, sprayers, beer taps, shot glasses, layered drinks, martini glasses, coffee mugs, spilled drinks on the floor, a line up at the bathroom, cougars (older women dressed like they're 20), dancers on the dance floor or on speakers, big beefy bouncers checking ID and clearing riff-raff, girl stamping hands with club logo, line up to get inside, people lingering/smoking outside, cabs, VLT machines, cigarette machines, bathroom condom machines, theme decor (Country, Rock and Roll, Hollywood, Heavy Metal, etc), waitresses being hassled by drunk guys, cash being swapped for drinks, Bank machine, credit cards, pool tables in the back, neon lights, dance poles on stage, DJ booth, groups of guys standing close together, groups of girls yelling in each others ears or pointing at a good looking guy, people making out not caring who's watching, people taking pictures with their cel phones, drunk people (staggering, slurring words, bumping into others)


Loud music, people screaming in your ear to talk to you, laughter, come-ons, hooting, yelling, swearing, glass breaking, whistling, DJ announcements coming over the loud speaker, mugs clunking against a table, the hiss of pop filling a glass at the bar


Sweat, beer breath, cologne, perfume, hairspray and hair products, body spray, stale air, vomit, smoke or pot wafting off of clothing, fruity, sweet drinks and coolers, body odor, hot electrical machines (speakers, sound system, lights)


Beer, coolers, martinis, jack and coke, gin and tonic, cosmos, mojitos, coffee, water, shooters (dirty hookers, sex on the beach, bottlecaps, Dr Pepper, China white, snakebite, B52, j├Ągerbomb, Irish Car bomb, sambuca, etc), Red Bull, pop, fruit mixes, spritzes, lemon slices, salt, lime slices, whipped cream, gum, mints, candy necklaces


Beer or other cold drink on a parched throat, licking sweetness from lips, crunching up ice cubes, touching people to get their attention, pushing hair back away from ear and off the face, touching clothing, straightening shirts, skirts, etc, applying lipstick or gloss, checking for make up smudging, fanning self, rubbing, bumping, nudging against dance partner, accidentally having a foot stepped on in a crowd, pressing against or past others, using a hip to open the door because you don't want to touch the handle to a washroom, cold glass against fingertips, playing with can tabs, napkins or drink coaster on a small table, texting friends, constantly touching hair to make sure it's in place, shaking hair back, adjusting cleavage, the papery feel of money, handing it over to a barmaid, adjusting jewelry, leaning closer to people to talk or flirt, putting a hand on the small of the back, steering someone to the dance floor, taking someone by the hand and pulling them to where you want them to go, using hand and body language to communicate (pointing, waving over, light, flirty touches, nods), warm breath against the neck as someone speaks directly into your ear

Helpful hints:

--The words you choose can convey atmosphere and mood.

Example 1:

Overhead, strobe lights worked the crowd dancing to Creed, turning their smooth, practiced movements into a thrashing collection of jerks and bumps. I surveyed from the outer edge, trying to spot Tom or Derrek, but the pulsating music blaring from the speakers was giving me a headache and the red exit sign to the left was like a beacon of sanity. I tugged on Allie's arm to get her attention, then pointed at the door out. "I'm going for a smoke," I screamed at her. She gave me a vacant nod, the one that you gave to someone when you can't actually hear them. I shook my head and took off, rather than try again--what was the point?.

Example 2:

I took a sip of my beer and swayed to the beat, a little drunk and grinning because I knew it. The air was hot and so were the guys, just how I liked it. Here I didn't need to talk or tell jokes and be charming; everything that needed to be said could be done with a look. His name, my name and then we were off on the floor, dancing tight against each other, the music and filtered lights turning our awkward bodies into fluid rhythm. 

--Similes and metaphors create strong imagery when used sparingly.

Example 1: (Simile)

"Wha? I'm not drunk!" Amanda said, jerking back. Her cosmo slopped over the edge of her glass like a wave slamming against shore. "Wha are you, my freaking muther?"

Example 2: (Metaphor)

The guest band's thrashing sound was billed as one-of-a-kind and didn't disappoint. Too bad the closest thing I could compare it too was the night I heard a high velocity car crash on the street in front of my house.

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PJ Hoover said...

Sweet! Does this mean when we finally meet, we can hit a club?

Angela said...

You better believe it!

Mary Witzl said...

I swear, reading this I could smell stale beer and feel the stickiness. I can almost feel a headache coming on from the strobe lights!