Contest Extension!


Boy, my minions sent out the challenge and you all answered the call. Great job, people!

Seeing as I just got back from my vay-cay and have way too much of that laundry/unpacking/grocery shopping type stuff to do, I'm extending the contest a bit longer. I'll announce a winner later this week, so stay tuned, and if you want to get a last minute entry in for a chance at a first chapter critique, now's the time to do it! Just add your Haiku (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) to the comment section of either this post or the main one. And don't forget, if you link to the contest, you'll get an extra chance to win!

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Yunaleska said...

Whoohoo! I not only entered, but have linked you on my blog (Nayu's Realm) er

Tara said...

Wish that I could rhyhme
But I stink at matching words
Better luck next time.

Please enter me. :]

Kelly said...

Thanks for the extension! Just entered on the main post!

Liana Brooks said...

You are such a sweet
I thought I'd leave you a treat
Blog award for you

Hmmm, does that count as bribing the judges?

Danyelle said...

Gah! I had the perfect one, composed while falling asleep. Guess who doesn't remember how it went. >.<

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

Character in need
Of a therapist indeed
To give direction.

hmm...self-propagating, i know...but it's all i've got this late. :)

charactertherapist at hotmail dot com

thanks for following my blog. youve got a great one!

Anonymous said...

Zombies are big news right now:

I am so glad that my taxes are paying for that! ...sigh.


Angela said...

Glad to see all these last minute entries! Go zombies!

Anon, so true isn't it? Zombies must be dealt with swiftly to avoid a social collapse. Duh. How much money went into coming up with that brilliant gem of wisdom, I wonder?


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