Emotion Thesaurus Addendum: Desire

  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Trying not to think of the object
  • Finding ways to be near the object
  • Loss of appetite
  • A nervous hitch in the voice
  • Shedding bad habits that stand in the way
  • A physical ache at the need to have or be with the desire
  • Creative wooing (poetry, sentimentality, meaningful gifts)
  • Striving to prove one's worth
  • A fluttering stomach
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • A touch that lingers
  • A deep gaze, communicating need with the eyes
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PJ Hoover said...

Great one! I love irrational thoughts. That would/will be fun to show in first person :)

GutsyWriter said...

Hi Angela and Becca. I sent you two awards in my posting today. If you don't have time to respond, don't worry. I just thought you deserved them. Sonia aka GutsyWriter.

Marian said...

Internal symptoms are the most fun to describe, aren't they? :)

A flip-flop reaction of the heart, as though it's turned over...

A hot, rushing sensation in the abdomen, as though circulation has just sped up and redirected itself...

OK, now I'm starting to grin, so I'll stop.


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