Setting Thesaurus Entry: Bakery


doughnuts, muffins, cookies, trays, stainless steel counters, coffee pots, mini coolers for pop, water and juices, flour on counters, bagels, buns, fresh bread, danishes, pies, cakes, eclairs, whipped cream, banana loaf, bread pans, cookie trays, napkins, napkin dispensers, dishwasher, bread baskets, microwave, bread warmers, icing sugar spills, plates with crumbs on them, crumpled napkins, used mugs with lipstick marks, dirty cutlery in dish bins, take out containers/bags, cakes & confections under a glass display, tile floors, posters of doughnuts/cookies/fresh crusty breads, specials written on a white board or chalk board, gooey icing, booths, chairs, garbage bins, cash registers, ovens, stools, dough mixers, sinks, cookie racks, powders, bags of flour, food ingredients, yeast, customers, brownies, tarts, pies, deep fryers


Dough mixing in an industrial mixer, cash register, oven timers going off, customer conversations, the crackle of sanitary paper when gathering doughnut/muffin choices, coffee being poured into cups, clatter of cutlery and plates, the crunch of crusty bread, murmuring appreciation of the food, oven doors opening/closing, a bagel knife cutting through a bagel or bun, the slosh of dishes in the dishwasher, garage being dumped in the trash, a jingle of the store door being opened, announcing more customers, phone ringing, hands being washed in a sink, folding down the top of a take out bag, the rustle of coats being taken off, the clink of a coffee mug against the tabletop, laughter, the chatter of ice cubes in a glass


yeasty dough, sugar, melted butter, coffee, crusty bread, toasted bread, roasted nuts, maple or honey, tea, spices, browning cheeses


fresh bread, spices, yeast, sugary glazes, nuts, grains, seeds, pudding centers, whipped cream, chocolate, coffee, water, jams, honey, butter, cream cheese, sweet drinks, fudge cakes, lemon, caramel, maple glazes, tea, salt, pie crust/fillings


crumbs on the fingertips, powdered sugar on the lips, sticky buns, licking fingers, swiping a napkin at the lips, a glass beaded with condensation, a hot coffee or tea mug, sticky tabletop, plates warm from the dishwasher, warm rolls, ripping crusty bread apart, light crispy layers of puff pastry, chewy bread, the crunch of toasted bagels as you bite down, butter oozing onto fingertips, pressing finger against the plate to gather the last few crumbs of a savored treat, shaking a sugar packet to get the sugar to fall to the bottom before ripping open, yanking a napkin from a dispenser, flipping through a newspaper as you eat, scraping butter across a bread roll, sucking glaze from the fingertips, picking nuts off a muffin top, peeling a paper cup from a muffin, sliding a fork into a slice of pie to take a mouthful, the weight of a morsel on the fork, sweeping crumbs off lips or clothes, pulling money from a wallet or purse, dumping change into a purse or pocket, carrying a heavy plate to the table or a bag to the car

Helpful hints:

--The words you choose can convey atmosphere and mood.

Example 1:

Amanda stepped up to the counter, her gaze cascading over trays loaded with glistening sticky buns, chocolate-studded cookies and sugar-rolled donuts. Her stomach grumbled as her finger wandered over the infinite choices. "I'll have..." the words wavered at the sight of a low fat label adorning a basket of pale, uninteresting muffins. Her brain flashed back to her morning struggle with her waistband, then forward to the wedding she would be attending a week from now. "The low fat muffin please," she finished. "A small one."

Example 2:

Regina wiped her hand on her apron and then lowered several pale, doughy rings into the vat of oil. In mere seconds the doughnuts ballooned to twice their size, browned and glistening with hot oil. Her brain tallying calories, she lifted them out and tossed them into the bowl of powdered sugar. What was she thinking, applying for a job here? She'd never be able to enjoy a doughnut again.

--Similes and metaphors create strong imagery when used sparingly.

Example 1: (Simile)

I pulled the oven door open and peeked inside. Three perfectly puffed golden tops rose like a trio of suns on the horizon. The bread was ready.

Example 2: (Metaphor)

Before carrying the apple danish up front, I gave it a small dusting of icing sugar for a pretty white accent. Cora, late from her break, rushed passed the counter, bumping my arm. The lid popped off my shaker, drowning my creation in a snowbank of powder.


PJ Hoover said...

I worked in a bakery for years. Now there are some stories. Let's see...there was the dead mouse I found on the floor. The bugs in the bathroom.
But yeah, the smells were fab! And the mouse and bugs didn't stop me from eating the cookies :)

Kate said...

Now I'm hungry!

Becca said...

PJ, a few years ago, my husband owned a restaurant in a mall. Some of the things I saw in the other restaurants in the food court...*shudder* Can't eat mall Chinese food to this day. I might have made an exception for cookies, though. :)

Bish Denham said...

As my inners no longer seem to like wheat flour it is sometimes torture to walk through the bakery department of the grocery store. However I now make a dynamite flour free cookie.

Emina said...

Mmm, I love bakeries!
Reading this made me hungry.


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