Emotion Thesaurus Addendum: Exhaustion

  • Drifting focus
  • Shuffling steps that scuff the floor
  • Fumbling, clumsiness
  • Bowed shoulders
  • Squeezing the eyes shut, then opening them wide in an effort to stay awake
  • Rolling the neck from side to side to loosen kinks
  • The gaze turning repeatedly to a bed or sofa
  • Stretching, shaking one's limbs
  • Numbness
  • Silence
  • Rereading the same page
  • Turning up a radio or TV for noise
  • Listening but not hearing
  • Haggard appearance (smeared make-up, matted hair, unshaven cheeks)
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Angela said...

On account of Christmas, I'm putting this entry out a day early. Happy Holidays!!

Mary Witzl said...

Ooh, exhaustion: I've been up far too long tonight and I'm already there. For once I could almost add to your thesaurus!

JaxPop said...

Hey Angela - Very Timely - Had to stay awake for 44 straight hours - into Christmas Eve - 30some odd hours a few days before that, as part of my drive from Chicago to Pennsylvania (to visit the kids)after working all day & then Pa to Florida (after visitin' me mum) to get home mid-day Christmas Eve (after 11 killer weeks in Chicago). I'm still beat. My mother chided me yesterday with the "You're not getting any younger" line. That made me feel just great. Hope you had a terrific Christmas.

Donna said...

Hey, my skin's greasy even when I'm not tired!


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