Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Excited/Elated

·High color, a flushed appearance
·Slam-dunking trash into a barrel after a game or event (guys)
·Jumping up and down
·Making fists and doing an exaggerated shake close to the body (running in place)
·Doing a victory dance
·Not caring what others think, a lack of self consciousness, enjoying the moment
·Enjoying communal happiness, feeling part of the crowd
·A warm glow expanding throughout the body
·Heightened senses
·Cold fingers, numbness, shock
·Speed-talking with heads close together (girls)
·Throaty laughter
·Getting the giggles
·A distinct walk, a fast-paced strut

Enthusiasm is closely related to Excited/Elated. If you need more ideas on how to express this emotion, have a look here.

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PJ Hoover said...

I am so excited it's Thursday and I get another Emotion Thesaurus post. I'm jumping up and down crushing beer cans over here!
Oh, wait, I'm not a guy, and I only tried crushing a beer time like once back in college. So instead, let's see...I'm doing a victory dance!

Angela said...

LOL, I once saw a guy try to crush one of those old five-alive cans with the hard ridge like you would a beer can. He gave himself a concussion, and the can was unharmed.

I'll victory dance with you..it's safer. :)

Marcia said...

Thanks for another Emotion Thesaurus installment!

Lapillus said...

Yay! Another great installment. I came looking for something like this last week. The enthusiasm one helped but this is even better for what I was looking for!

Just_Me said...


Becca said...

*dances without beer cans*

The Rejection Queen said...

Good list. I always use the thesaur...to express emotion

Kelly H-Y said...

I so appreciate your blog ... this post, from a few years ago, just helped me out a TON!!! Thank you!


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