Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Humility/Meekness

· Hesitantly offering an opinion or answering questions
· Anxiety at praise or attention (blushing, stuttering out a response)
· Small displays of emotion (a small smile instead of an energetic grin)
· Feeling cornered when approached
· Shrugging, shaking the head or nodding an answer instead of speaking
· Holding/hugging something like a shield when interacting with others
· Hiding out in a bathroom or little-used area
· Sitting or standing with one's back to something--a wall, a chair, a corner
· Using a quiet activity to avoid others (reading a book, listening to music through earbuds)
· Small movements that keep one from being noticed
· Wearing muted colors or unassuming clothes to avoid being singled out
· Making decisions that will keep one out of the limelight
· A secret desire for praise, having fantasies about being accepted and joining in

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Pema said...

Wow - thank you once again, Angela! I can't think of any others - it seems as if you've covered them all!

Just_Me said...

I absolutely love your thesaurus! I check it regularly while writing and editing...

Could you possibly do pain in a future posting? Characters are injured regularly but short of making them limp or walk around bandaged it's hard to make it obvious that they are in pain.

Mary Witzl said...

I've tried to think of anything you might have missed, but the only thing I could think of is that little head ducking movement very humble people are apt to make (my father had it down to an art). I do grovelling humility all too well (for very good reasons) and I almost winced to see a lot of my mannerisms here.

Angela said...

Thanks everyone. I struggled with this one a bit, I think because the nature of these emotion isn't as 'overt' as other ones. People who tend to display this range are trying to not draw attention to themselves.

Just_me, I think pain would be a good one to post, even though it isn't an 'emotion' per se, but rather a product of emotion or physical response. Still, you're right, this is something all characters express and we all do it differently. We'll add iot to our list. :)

Really appreciate the feedback, guys!

Just_Me said...


Thanks, Angela!

Connie Clark said...

Yes, I'm a little slow or behind, but I've been working, working, working! Once again, you guys have done it. I'm reading this and some of the characteristics sound like me! I don't think of myself as being meek or shy, okay well, maybe a little. Everytime I read this I thank you guys! You will be richly rewarded in writer's heaven!

L! said...

nic job!

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