Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Anticipation

• Fearing that something will happen to screw things up
• Loss of sleep
• Lack of concentration
• Becoming so focused on the upcoming event that other important things are neglected
• Fantasizing/building up the event far beyond its reality
• An inability to sit still, fidgeting
• Becoming self-critical (questioning clothing choices, event preparation), wanting everything to go perfectly
• Covering the face, then peeking
• Asking questions: "How long? When? What is it?"
• Wetting the lips
• Checking and rechecking email
• Grabbing onto another person and saying, "Tell me!"
• Leaning in toward others, showing interest
• Tingling all over
• Begging someone for details, an answer, for a look at something, etc

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Zoya said...

This is me in preparation for NaNoWriMo^^

All of these entries are great; one of the best writin g sources in all of the internts XD


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