Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Smugness

· Lifting one’s chin
· Direct, probing eye contact
· A sigh that conveys annoyance (huff)
· Waving a hand in dismissal
· Perfect posture--shoulders back, exposed neck
· A determined walk, strut or swagger
· Talking over people, controlling conversations
· Lavishing praise on "golden ones" (children, friends in favor, people in power)
· An arrogant laugh
· Tossing one’s hair back, a shake of the head
· Settling back in a chair with exaggerated casualness
· Creating movements that direct attention to oneself (waving a cigar, flashing an expensive watch)
· Fidgeting with jewelry in order to draw attention to it
· Clapping someone on the back, overplaying closeness or friendship

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AES said...

The Emotion Thesaurus entries are SO helpful!

I do quite a bit of theatre, and I've always struggled with finding "business" that suits my character and what she's thinking and feeling-- these are a great source for ideas on how to make my character move and, by doing so, make her more real.

Angela said...

Glad that you're finding it helpful--thanks for posting to let us know!

Sherry said...

Interesting post--gives me some ideas.

Can you add some writing examples, too? That would be helpful.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


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