Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Guilt

· Muttering to oneself tearfully
· A cracking voice
· Rapid, fevered apologies
· A flight response—running away, unable to deal with the consequences
· Sweating
· Paranoia that others know or are passing judgement
· Nervous fidgeting (picking at nails, squirming in chair, a scattered gaze that bounces around)
· Darting glances at the person you have wronged
· Following or stalking the one wronged, trying to convince oneself to confess
· Causing pain to oneself as penance
· Insomnia
· Paleness, a harried or haunted look
· Self-loathing
· Growing steadily reclusive, cutting oneself off from others

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Angela said...

Great list.

What do you think of:
Trouble Sleeping
Repetitive behavior

There's also something...something elusive about guilt... what is it -when a teacher in a room with 30 odd younger children can state the crime and the guilt it THERE played out on the face of the kid(s).

Sometimes you can read it on someone's face (esp. the young kids). But this post made me wonder...what is it? Skin blanching, pupils dilating, frozen type of face?

lover ur blog!

Bish Denham said...

The Emotion Thesaurus continues to rock!


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