Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Disgust

· Sneering
· Flinching away, recoiling
· Bringing a hand up to cover one’s mouth
· Eyes that appear cold, dead, flat
· A feeling of nausea, a heaving stomach
· Demanding another to stop speaking or desist what they are doing
· Feeling dirty or soiled, just by be being in the presence of the one who causes the disgust
· Using a purse or jacket to create a shield between oneself and the person causing discomfort
· A desire to flee
· Avoiding touches, brushes, stepping back to stay beyond the other person’s reach
· Shunning, evasive answers
· A curling lip
· A pale cast to one’s face, a pallor over the features
· Excessive saliva, having to swallow
· A choking or uncomfortable swallow
· Curling away from another if lying prone
· Turning away, spinning on a heel

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Luc2 said...

What, you didn't add puking?

Angela said...

Well, we didn't know if we wanted to go there...but that's what the comments are for--so you guys can!

Mary Witzl said...

I love the one about using a purse or a jacket to create a shield between oneself and the offender. I did this with a bunched-up sweater. (Or rather, my protaganist did...)

How about that little clicking noise some people make -- a sort of tsssk -- uttered with one lip drawn up? And yes, spitting on the ground is body language at its finest and really says it all!

Kimber An said...

Laurie sent me over here and I'm so glad! Descriptions are one of my worst weaknesses as an author. It's like I can see it in full color in my head, why can't you? (cue rolling of eyes here)

Angela said...

LOL, I know what you mean, Kimber an. I love the dancing pic of you in the red dress, btw!

Bish Denham said...

The Emotional Thesaurus continues to rock. Great stuff.

Becca said...

Thank Laurie for us for sending you over, Kimber An :).

WordWrangler said...

FAntabulous!!! Keep it up!

Donna said...

Here's some Karma for you lovely ladies! Tag! You're it! Check my blog for more info. Ha!


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