Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Shame

· Flight reaction: a desire to flee, get away, hide
· Mashing the hands against the cheeks
· A vacant or glazed stare
· An inability to make eye contact with others
· Pressing one's palm over the lips to hold back a cry or words
· Shaking one's head
· Letting out an uncontrolled moan
· Self-loathing, berating oneself, anger, disgust
· Punching one's fists against the thighs to release frustration
· Violence to oneself (scratching, cutting, jabbing fingernails into the skin)
· Lashing out at others to transfer anger or blame
· Vandalism of one's personal objects
· Risk taking, hoping something will happen to balance the scale
· A scruffy look (baggy clothing, unwashed hair)
· Fawning actions toward others—begging, following, even stalking—to try and regain worth

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! I just found this and you guys make me want to cry for joy! THANK YOU! But I have a request. Will you pleeeeeaaasse do ANNOYANCE? I need something besides "rolling the eyes"!

Angela said...

Thanks--glad you're finding this helpful. We have a master list of emotions that we pick from--I'll make sure 'annoyance' is on it.

Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: Hi, I love your weblog. Is there some thing I can do to obtain updates like a subscription or some thing? Im sorry Im not acquainted with RSS?

Angela Ackerman said...

Thanks Brinkka! If you scroll down in the sidebar, there is a box where you put in your email address and you'll get our posts straight in your email. :)


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