Emotion Thesaurus Entry: Jealousy

  • Pouting
  • Sullen looks, glowering
  • Hot eyes, tears forming
  • Sitting against a wall, holding the knees to the chest and staring off angrily
  • Minor destruction as a release (crumpling paper or breaking pencils)
  • Rash decisions (impulsively quitting a team or storming out of a party)
  • Jeering, calling names, running someone down
  • Starting rumors, acting catty
  • Shoving the person who caused the jealous feelings
  • Sneering
  • Showing off
  • A desire for revenge
  • Rudeness
  • Reckless behavior (trusting a stranger, using drugs or alcohol
Anger is often a direct result of jealousy, so many of the actions for anger will also work here as long as the cause is shown.

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Luc2 said...

Jay! Another entry for the emotion thesaurus. Thanks.

Your faithful lurker. :)

Ardyth said...

I was just told by a publisher purchasing my work to remove all "she was jealous" type statements and replace with showing...

Here is where I went immediately. :D

Cookies and flowers to you guys for the theasurus!

Una Mariah said...

This blog is great. I have a character in my story who's jealous of my M.C. and all I have so far is "he was jealous" statements, that get boring after a while.


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