Peculiar Plants

Non-fiction Picture Book

So you think books about plants are boring? Then you haven't read the right ones. With chapter names like Death By Snot, The Rainforest Strangler, and The Stinkiest Flower on Earth, Peculiar Plants will show readers how fascinating and even bloodthirsty botany can be.

This nonfiction middle-grade picture book introduces young readers to twelve oddities of the plant world, including the corpse flower, the baobob tree, the Portuguese dewy pine, and the resurrection fern. Each chapter begins with a humorous multiple-choice quiz question and fun factoids. Then the plant is discussed in all its weirdness. How is it strange? What makes it that way? Why does it look, smell, grow, and eat the way it does?

Know a kid who's curious, not easily grossed-out, and likes to laugh? Peculiar Plants is the book for them.


Ghost Girl said...

This sounds fabulous! Thanks for posting this.

Becca said...

I'm so glad you like it. Now if I could get an editor to say the same thing...