Welcome to our Bookshelf

Welcome to our blog! As avid writers who WILL one day be published, we are excited to begin this new and (frankly) terrifying adventure of blogging.

We each write for children and teens, with works ranging from picture books to middle grade and young adult stories. Our writing wanders across many genres, from fantasy to historical fiction to contemporary and non-fiction.

Our journey together began about 4 years ago at the Critique Circle website--if you haven't checked it out, head on over (the link is on the left). Despite living thousands of miles apart, we discovered that we share a lot of the same theories and philosophies about writing, enjoy many of the same authors, and we're both a little goofy. As a result, we've chosen to walk the bulk of our writing path together.

However, that's not to say that we're exactly alike. Angela, for instance, has an affinity for weird-flavored chips (pickle, for one, and the ever-disgusting ketchup chip) while Becca sticks to the non-revolting kind. Becca, though living most of her life in Florida, is white enough to reflect the sun while Angela, who lives in the tundra for half of every year, actually has a better tan. Becca thinks Josh Holloway is quite yummy while Angela--no, wait. We actually agree on that.

Anyway, if you hang around here long enough, you'll see that we share a lot of opinions about writing, but we're definitely two separate entities. The borg is not alive and well here, people; if that's what you're after, you've got the wrong blog. So pull up a chair, see what we have to say about the writing world--specifically writing for children--and please, tell us what you think.


Susan Sandmore said...

Nice first entry! I'm looking forward to reading more!

Becca said...

Hi, Susan! Thanks for popping in. :)

EddHugg said...

Hey Becca!(and Angela) Interesting comments and commentary - think I'll become a regular visitor. Maybe I can learn how to write emails without using those !!! --- ARGHHH and Overbearing email msg bolds? Just kidding.
By the way there seems to me to be a need for a thesarus topic for the use of the word "beat".
My vocabulary has it as:
What a rookie cop walks
What I am after a hard day's night
What the Gators need to get most every time they take the field
What I can't keep very well past an eighth note
What that red veggie(?) is for those of us who failed English
What one frequency does against another
Never heard it applied to "the action of a character in a book", that's a new one for me.
Best of luck with the new blog digs!

Becca said...

Well, ya learn something new everyday, eh? Er, maybe not, since you still don't know what it is...I'll email you. Without any overly dramatic formatting, of course. ;) Thanks for dropping by, Dad.

Donna said...

While I don't write for children (YA at the youngest but I don't think I write that either, I think you guys could offer some good tips on writing in general. I've eaten your feed (well that just doesn't sound right) and I will work on catching up on the posts.

As for ketchup chips, I much prefer just dunking them in ketchup. I've only seen them out of the country and I'm a big fan of dunking. Hey, do you dunk french fries on ketchup? Same thing.

Becca said...

Glad you found us, Donna.


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